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Fasthost Network's servers are outfitted to meet the needs of the webmasters. Fast Processors, lots of memory and storage space, plus a tape drive for that extra margin of safety. These servers use top-of-the-line components for maximum reliability -- a must for a successful webmaster.

FastServe 1
Hardware: Pentium II 266MHz
RAM: 64 Mb
IP Addresses: 4
OS: FreeBSD 3.0
Bandwidth: 75 GB
Start Up Cost: $495
Monthly Cost: $495

FastServe 2
Hardware: Pentium II 300MHz
RAM: 128 Mb
Drive 1: 4Gb SCSI
IP Addresses: 16
Bandwidth: 150 GB
OS: FreeBSD 3.0
Start Up Cost: $680
Monthly Cost: $680

FastServe 3
Hardware: Pentium II 400MHz
RAM: 128 Mb
Drive 1: 4Gb SCSI
Drive 2: 4Gb SCSI
IP Addresses: 32
Bandwidth: 250 GB
OS: FreeBSD 3.0
Start Up Cost: $1095.00
Monthly Cost: $1095.00

Higher levels of data transfer limits are available in 50 Gb increments for $150 per month. Bandwidth is only sold in 50 Gb increments and is not prorated in any manner.

Custom Built Servers
We can add features like faster processors, bigger and better drives, RAIDs, redundant backup drives, more RAM, custom HTTP server configurations and more bandwidth. We can substitute more powerful SUN or SGI systems or you can build your dream machine and send it to us for installation in our machine room. We understand the needs of webmasters and we'll work closely with you to make sure your server solution is exactly what you want and at a reasonable price.

Cheapest Price. GUARANTEED!
If you find any other hosting company thats offering the same services as we offer, for a cheaper price, we will beat their prices by 10%. We Guarantee that!

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