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Dedicated servers provide high speed access to mission critical Internet services, such as high profile web sites, web hosting resellers and high volume secure commerce sites. The most attractive element of our dedicated servers is that you can install and run any application that you or your clients require such as chat, database, shopping cart and e-mail software. You can also use a dedicated server to start your own web hosting business without the cost of dedicated connections, CSU/DSU, Router and associated hardware.

Fasthost features over 60 modern Pentium-based machines located on redundant and burstable T-3 pipelines. That means you won't ever run out of bandwidth and every customer than wants to visit your site will be able to. We can accommodate any need from the person just getting started to the largest membership site. Top quality hardware on our end means more money in your pocket!.
If your service is looking for a dedicated server, then a Fasthost System is right for you. Having reliability problems with your current provider? Have a large site and you're tired of the slowdown that all that traffic is causing? Do you want to add more interactivity (cgi) or multimedia (streaming) on your site? Need a lot of space to setup your own Membership site with all the features that today's savvy customers not only expect but demand?

We can help you make the money your level of traffic SHOULD command! Here are our current prices. We can help. Contact us today with any questions.

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